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Applewood IMG_9273 - LoRes.jpg

About Us

At Applewood Roofing and Sheet Metal, we understand the importance of keeping your business and home dry and protected from the elements. Applewood specializes in weather protection for all roofing applications, including commercial, institutional, industrial and residential. 

Applewood offers our services to both re-roofing existing applications, as well as new construction. As one of Toronto's most experienced leaders in the industry, our team will work with you in a partnership based on integrity, excellence, health, and safety. In addition, Applewood Roofing offers 24 hour & 7 days a week service to provide assistance for unexpected water intrusion.

Applewood Roofing And Sheet Metal was founded in 1999. This dynamic company has since grown to encompass additional aspects beyond roofing, including green roofing, siding, below grade waterproofing, window replacement, and skylight installations.

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