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  • Conduct all our actions with the upmost respect with those we are dealing with, regardless of the role they contribute to.​​

  • Establish and maintain long term mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers by accepting customers as crucial investors in Applewood’s ability to address their needs.

  • Include safety in all facets of our daily work functions, including assisting others to understand that safety is essential to the well-being of everyone involved, and to our community.

  • Maintain the principle of integrity and honesty in all facets of our business dealings while making decisions on behalf of Applewood Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd.

  • Provide proper training and the necessary tools to our employees, to ensure all jobs are completed in a safe, efficient and effective manner, with the overall objective of making our efforts exceed customer expectations.

  • Everyone is responsible to be dependable, work to higher standards and to be accountable for their actions, while at all times maintaining focus on our customers’ needs and expectations.

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