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Our policies and programs apply to all Senior Management, Supervisors, Foremen and Workers. Agents, Subcontractors, or Service Providers, to or under contract with our firm, are required to be aware of our Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) policies, procedures, and programs in use. These are available for review at Applewood Roofing & Sheet Metal’s office and from a Supervisor.


We will provide leadership for these activities and assume overall responsibility for the program. Senior management shall demonstrate leadership and commitment to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) by:


  • Taking equal and reasonable responsibility and accountability for the protection of workers’ health and safety in the workplace;

  • Promoting the effective implementation and continual improvement of the OHSMS;

  • Defining roles, assigning responsibilities, establishing accountabilities, and delegating authority to establish, implement, monitor and maintain an effective OHSMS;

  • Ensuring those components identified are documented, communicated to all affected parties;

  • Ensuring workers, and where applicable, worker representatives are consulted and provided the opportunity to meaningfully and actively participate in the establishment and maintenance of each element of the OHSMS;

  • Allocating necessary financial, human and company resources to properly establish, implement, monitor, review, correct and continually improve the OHSMS;

  • Ensuring the OH&S policy and related OH&S objectives are established, compatible with the strategic direction of the company, are measurable, and achieved;

  • Reviewing the OHSMS at regularly planned intervals;

  • Ensuring competent supervision for the protection of worker’s health and safety; and

  • Supporting key management roles to empower their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility;

  • Ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety legislation and other requirements


In addition, Senior Management is responsible for:

  • Ensuring workers know about actual & potential hazards and dangers by providing information, instruction, and supervision on how to work safely

  • Ensuring supervisors/foreman are competent and understand our standards required to protect worker’s health and safety

  • Ensuring workers display competency and understanding of our health and safety program, including providing training to perform work safely

  • Ensuring all reasonable precautions are taken to protect all workers from being injured or being exposed to a work-related illness

  • Ensuring management and supervisors are responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and ensuring that workers comply with all OH&S requirements.

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